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Payment and Delivery

HÜRREM TEKSTİL Factory is located in Istanbul.

Online store hurrems-tr.com offers the worldwide delivery.

We are able to ship your goods by any cargo (carrier) you work with in your country. If you don’t know which delivery company is better, our manager will choose the necessary carrier according to the final place of delivery. The manager will consult you by Skype or by e-mail.

You pay for the delivery when you receive the goods according to the type you’ve chosen.

We ship goods to such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Ethiopia, and also the United Arab Emirates.

The online store hurrems-tr.com accepts the next payment methods:

For customers from CIS.

Payment by money transfer “KoronaPay”, “Leader”

With this method of payment we receive it during the working day, so we ship out your order the same day or the next working day after receiving your payment. Placing orders, keep in mind that the payments made on Saturday will be received on Monday, as Sunday is a day-off.

You can see the fees at sites www.perevod-korona.com, leadermt.ru.

Payment details for “KoronaPay”/“Leader”:

Country – Turkey

City – Istanbul

Receiver –

Phone number –

Department address:

Do not write patronymic of the transfer receiver, it isn’t necessary in Turkey.

After payment, please, send the transfer code to us by e-mail, Skype, Viber or Whatsapp.

2. Payment by credit card.

Please, note we do not see your credit card data. This payment method is the easiest one. We receive the payment at once, so we quickly ship your order.

Payment fee is about 3% from the order sum.

3. Payment with receipt via any bank.

You can print the receipt (invoice) from you e-mail, indicated when placing the order, and pay it via any bank in your city.

Debit account in Turkey HÜRREM TEKSTİL:



601/ 9088186

Account number - TR96 0006 2000 6010 0009 0881 86


Please, note, it may take three working days to receive your payment. Some banks can charge additional fee for money transfer. The fee depends on bank.

The order will be shipped only when we receive payment.